Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget with InstantPaydayNV Tips

By: Branden S.

Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget with InstantPaydayNV Tips

Celebrating your child’s birthday is a once-in-a-year event and is one that’s definitely worth celebrating.

We celebrate our kids’ birthdays to express our gratitude for their existence. However, those beautiful birthday cakes, assorted color balloons, and creamy cookies actually cost a few dollars.

Thus, it’s easy to say that planning a kid’s birthday party comes with some extra expenses. This can prove a little bit challenging, especially when you’re working on a tight budget.

Well, there are ways to go around planning a kid’s birthday party, even on a tight budget.

How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget with InstantPaydayNV

The following are the best ways to plan a kid’s birthday party when on a tight budget:

  1. Start on time
  2. Create a list and keep it portable
  3. Try to make things yourself
  4. Party at home and avoid meal times
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These are further broken down thus:

#1: Start on time

Most mistakes made in the past actually resulted from doing things in a hurry. But all this could have been avoided if we had done things earlier than we did.

When planning for your kids’ birthdays, it’s best to start on time, at least a month to the D-day. This would give you enough time to plan and raise all the necessary funds to purchase all items to make the birthday celebration memorable.

Most importantly, if you want to spend less on your kid’s birthday party, you need enough time to go through sellers’ prices before buying your stuff.

#2: Create a list and keep it simple

When you think of the birthday cake, interior and exterior decorations, invitation cards, and other refreshments, you may get overwhelmed at how expensive they are. But the best thing to do is to create a list of whatever comes to your mind to do at your kid’s birthday party. Then you should go over them several times and take out some unnecessary things if needed.

To keep expenses low, you should try out cheaper alternatives amongst the many things you have on your list. You can leverage sending e-mails and text messages to guests to replace invitation cards to cut down on some extra costs.

For decorations, you can use the same ones used for the last birthday party and avoid purchasing new ones every time. Of course, you can’t reuse the cookies or balloons, so you still need to buy some things.

Before buying anything, make sure it’s the cheapest available in the market but still offers a considerable quality. Browse through several sellers online or physically to know the best price tag. If the price of a non-perishable item is too high, you can try renting it or buying in groups.

#3: Try to make things yourself

To further cut down costs, try doing some things yourself.

Whether it’s a cake, snack, or decoration, someone once did it, and you too can do it. If you are confused about how to go about it, grab your smartphone and head straight to watch some tutorial videos, create a list of the needed ingredients and buy them within your neighborhood.

By this, you’re the one in charge, so you can always make the cake taste exactly how you want it to be by adding a little more milk, salt, and whatever flavor of your choice and avoid complaining about already made ones.

It may take two or three attempts before you get good at it, but the end results would justify the stress. You’ll even find that yours is more nutritious and delicious than the already made ones.

Another advantage of doing stuff yourself is that your kids would love it.

They would even be more proud of you as to telling their friends something like, “Could you believe my dad made the cake we used for my 6th birthday party?”.

Interestingly, you could get so good at these things with subsequent birthday celebrations and probably build a sustainable career from it.

#4: Party at home and avoid meal times

The two most important and expensive item for a birthday party is venue and refreshment, and we’ve got to deal with them accordingly.

As for the venue, try using your home to cut down bills for guest houses. Choose a good place in your home (e.g., sitting room) and buy some ribbons, balloons and other things. Awake your decorative skills and get to work.

To cut down the cost of refreshments, try holding your birthday party a little bit away from lunch or dinner times. This way, your guests should have eaten at home so they’ll eat little or no food.

However, it would help if you didn’t deprive anyone of food to keep up the fun. Make ready provisions for light refreshments and ensure everyone has something, no matter how cheap, to keep their mouths working.

#5: Leverage on online payday loan alternatives from InstantPaydayNV

Sometimes planning is just not enough!

It could still be that you have no money to fund your birthday party, which hurts a lot, but there is a solution for you.

A cash advance loan can prove really helpful here in the sense that it gives all the necessary funds needed to finance your well-planned birthday party for your kid.

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Kids don’t play with their birthday parties, so don’t allow even a tight budget to stop it. It may seem hard to meet certain standards but trust me, they aren’t all that compulsory.

The most important thing is that you have fun, irrespective of how big or small you do it!

Remember, what makes a birthday party fun is not how much you spend in organizing it but the kind of value that you provide to your kids in creating a cherishable experience that’s definitely worth remembering.

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