Different Cash Solutions to Avoid Late Fees and Penalties

By: Branden S.

Different Cash Solutions to Avoid Late Fees and Penalties

This is a comprehensive guide to show you the different cash solutions to avoid late fees and penalties in 2021.

These strategies are totally applicable and can help you leave a debt-free life – and I’m going to be breaking everything down in deep details.

Let’s get started!

How to Avoid Late Fees in 2021

In our world today, money is basically a god – we can’t get anything done without money!

We need it for food, shelter, electricity, entertainment, recreation, transportation, water and so many other things that I dare not mention.

Most times, our monthly income is seldom enough to cater for our needs. More often than not, our monthly income is only able to cover feeding and a few bills if we’re lucky.

Now the funny thing is it doesn’t really matter how much you earn because, at the end of the day, more money attracts more needs. The minute there’s an upgrade in your income, there’s suddenly a pressing need to get a fancier car with high maintenance or a bigger house with impeccable furniture. Change and upgrade are in human nature, we can’t fight it, and however, these changes affect our bills. We begin to remit payments late, and sometimes we have to borrow to meet up.

The reason people owe other people or organizations money is, they live far above their income, and I think you’d be interested to know that just one late payment can negatively affect your credit card history.

Have you ever heard the saying-

Cut your coat according to your size?

Well, this is precisely what we should be doing…

It is quite understandable and relatable that most times, our monthly income doesn’t so much as cover our feeding alone and then there’s the rent, the light bill, the water bill, electricity and other basic necessities that need monetary attention and cannot be ignored.

Late remission of fees breeds penalties and is quite disgraceful if you ask me.

It doesn’t speak well of the individual’s dignity!

Because of the financial system of our economy and structures that cannot easily be challenged, having a backup plan for the payment of bills is the smartest decision anybody can make in this generation.

The following are cash solutions to avoid late fees and penalties in 2021:

  1. Set a reminder
  2. Plan your payment strategy
  3. Have a financial manager
  4. Enrol in automatic payments
  5. Utilize payday loan alternatives

#1: Set a Reminder


As mundane as this may be, you’d be surprised at the number of people who remit fees late or are even as far as debtors because they simply forgot.

You would be surprised that the solution you have always needed is as simple as just setting a reminder – it doesn’t have to be difficult to work. The hustle and bustle, tight schedule and the likes can take your attention off bills and fees, and just rack up your late penalties or fees.

Setting a reminder may be basic but it’ll go a long way in helping you pay your bills on time.

#2: Plan Your Payment Strategy


This is simply to look for what works for you. Plan your remission such that it will most likely fall on the estimated period when you’re expecting some cash flow. If it gets overwhelming, you can also plan to pay weekly because let’s face it, we all spend money on stuff we don’t need and can totally do without on a daily basis, how much more a week. Gathering all that loose change will go a long way in helping you remit weekly and it’ll take the bulk of debt off your shoulders. For those of us who aren’t used to saving or looking the other way when we have the money within our reach, this might be difficult at first but keep trying and remember the end goal is to avoid late payment of fees or penalties.

#3: Have a Financial Manager


I know what you’re thinking -This is a little over the top!

I’d like to inform you that your financial manager could very well be your spouse, best friend, sibling, parent, or anybody you can be accountable to.

Sometimes, all we need is a little push and a few prying eyes, someone we are accountable to and who is equally accountable. These people could also serve as your personal reminder. It’s a wonderful idea, trust me.

How to Avoid Late Fees in 2021

#4: Enroll in Automatic Payments


This will do a number in helping you curb the bad habit of late payment of fees.

To enrol in automatic payment simply means that these funds leave your account whether you like it or not, as at when due. Auto-pay doesn’t really care if you had other plans for the money in your account.

It is a system designed to deduct the fees you’re meant to pay on the exact day you input to be your payday.

#5: Utilize Payday Loan Alternatives


Payday loans are short term and low-interest loans that people take to accomplish what their income can’t. Yea, I get it, the word loan sounds a tad bit scary; let me put your mind at ease.

Did you know that payday loans are the most convenient?

It is easy to acquire and easy to payback. Taking a payday loan would go a long way in cutting down remission of late fees and avoidance of penalties, while still not distorting your cred rating in any way.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

Which of the above strategies are you going to apply next in your finances? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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