Family Fun on a Budget: Fun Things to Do with the Kids in Summer

By: Branden S.

Family Fun on a Budget

Everyone gets bored at times, but as adults, we all know how to treat ourselves whenever we get bored. For kids, on the other hand, the case is quite different; they’ll either cry or carry grudges.

Aside from removing boredom, having fun with your kids will actually go a long way to foster love and unity in the family, as well as proffer better health for all. However, knowing what fun things will turn your kids on doesn’t seem like a very easy-to-do task, especially when you want to work with cheap alternatives.

The best way to go about this is to create a family fun budget and plan ahead of time. To do this, you need to grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the things that can potentially interest your kids.

You can also call them and ask them simple questions about what interests them. But if you want it the easy way, today’s article will show you several fun things to do with your kids this summer.

15 Fun Things to Do with the Kids in Summer

The list of the 15 things to do for fun with the kids in summer include:

  1. Plan a mini bike parade
  2. Learn cooking skills
  3. Tour your hometown
  4. Paint the walls
  5. Build a backyard obstacle course
  6. Check out some wildlife parks
  7. Make a bird feeder
  8. Camp in the yard
  9. Go fishing
  10. Enroll in a craft class
  11. Play games together
  12. Organize a stay-at-home-picnic
  13. Watch movies at the cinema
  14. Participate in community park activities
  15. Read some old books together

The above fun activities can be broken down thus:

#1: Plan a Mini Bike Parade

Most kids (especially the boys) enjoy riding bikes. So, you can get your kids to decorate their bikes with stickers, flags, and streamers and let them race along the street to show their creativity. If possible, invite other kids within your neighborhood to participate in the fun

#2: Learn Cooking Skills

Get your kids’ tastebuds ready for the world by having a fun-packed cooking session with them.

Let them get to choose their favorite meals (usually cheese or cookies) and make it with them. If you don’t know how to cook their favorite food, you can always learn from family and friends or watch online videos. The most exciting aspect is the fun they’ll have while eating the finished product, which they, themselves, prepared.

#3: Tour Your Hometown

Visiting your hometown is probably the cheapest and most exciting fun thing to do this summer with your kids.

Take them home, show them to grandma and let her tell them fascinating old tales. Take them to the places you loved most when growing up and teach them some of your hometown’s culture and way of living.

All this will also help to refresh our almost-forgotten history.

#4: Paint the walls

Kids love writing or painting on the walls, but they usually end up tarnishing its beauty.

You spank them whenever they do this, but this summer, give them the privilege of doing their worst on your outside wall (preferably the backyard). Let them use washable paints that you can wash off when they are asleep (lol).

#5: Build a Backyard Obstacle Course

After watching your kids watch their favorite superhero cartoons, get them to practice obstacle maneuvering and escape techniques because that’s all they want to do!

You can construct a mini backyard obstacle course with jump ropes, sticks, hula hoops, stones, hoses, and other items you can find easily. Your kids should then take turns going over it, and the most competent person wins a prize.

#6: Check out some Wildlife Parks

Put on your shoes and head straight to any wildlife park around you with the kids. Spend some time there and let your kids feel the euphoria of nature’s beauty.

You can also choose to hike in lovely trails where your kids can find lands and water, animals and plants, and lots more. Allow them to touch and engage with anything they want, provided it’s not harmful.

#7: Make a Bird Feeder

I doubt if there is a kid who doesn’t love birds.

Please don’t blame them; birds are undoubtedly unique. Kids love seeing and touching birds, but finding these birds around is the problem. So, you and your kids this summer can take it as a quest to attract beautiful summertime birds to your home with a DIY bird feeder.

Place some butter-coated grains in there and watch the fun happen.

#8: Camp in the Yard

No money to pay campground bills? Don’t worry, here’s a cheap solution for you.

Pitch a DIY tent in the backyard and give your kids an opportunity to feel some natural coolness while watching the clouds move slowly. There’s nothing more to camping than this, so feel free to pack up some snacks to get them going.

15 Fun Things to Do with the Kids in Summer

#9: Go Fishing

Fishing is a classic free summer activity kids love doing. Get to a local market, buy small hooks for your kids, and drive down to the nearest pond for some fantastic fishing experience.

You can also split your kids into groups and see which group catches the most fish at the end of the day.

And you, as a parent, should attempt catching some big fish to show that you’re the strongest!

#10: Enroll in a Craft Class

Do not let your kids go back to school without a craft that can come in handy on a rainy day.

Let them learn crafts like bead stringing, scrapbooking, pottery, or box decorating, depending on which one they prefer. You could even be lucky to find free offers around you. Even if not, don’t hesitate to spend that little penny on your kids.

#11: Play Games Together

Even at 60, it is fun playing games with the kids.

Forget maturity and come down to their level; play kids’ games with your kids this summer and discover how good that could be for both you and them.

You can designate one evening or more for a casual family game like – capture the flag, kickball, softball, etc. Keep it competitive by splitting the kids into two or more teams and get some cookies as prizes for the winners.

#12: Organize a Stay-at-Home Picnic

Picnics aren’t that expensive unless you wish to do it lavishly. But whichever way you decide to do your picnic, your kids would still love it.

Since you don’t want to spend much money, you can choose to organize a mini stay-at-home picnic. Get your spot ready with simple stuff like a patio table or blanket, and grab picnic staples like sandwiches from a local store.

Start the fun and end in joy!

#13: Watch Movies at the Cinema

No matter how epic a movie is, the fun derived from watching it at a different location beats when it’s being watched at home.

Don’t let ticket fees stop you from giving your kids the fun they deserve; cinemas within your neighborhood sponsor free outdoor family film nights sometimes. Kindly surf the internet for availability and make sure you meet their eligibility criterion to participate.

#14: Participate in Community Park Activities

Community parks offer tons of summer activities that are either free or affordable. When due, children would take on fun activities like football, swimming, arts and crafts, music, archery, table tennis, etc., alongside other kids. Don’t forget they are kids, so make sure you watch them, so they don’t end their fun with bruises.

#15: Read Some Old Books Together

Kids are interested when they watch mum or dad do that same thing their teacher does in school but in a friendlier and lovelier atmosphere.

Read lesson-packed books with your kids and watch them smile. They’ll even laugh when you make slight mistakes.

The best part? You don’t need to spend much on this; simply scan through your library and dust off those old books; they will also foster a reading culture in your kids.


As your kids grow from kids to adults, they’ll only remember and cherish you for the fun you guys had together when they needed it the most. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it lavishly or not; what matters is that you’re all having fun. Also, you need any financial help InstantPaydayNV is here to help you with online payday loans with no credit check.

Plan ahead of the following summer and give your kids the best fun their parents can afford.

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