How to Get Cheap Airlines and Hotels Last Minute in Festival Seasons

By: Branden S.

How to Get Cheap Airlines and Hotels Last Minute

The following steps on how to get cheap airlines and hotels last minute in festival seasons all depend on how crucial that your pending journey is.

A last-minute journey is simply a trip that springs up on short notice – specifically one that takes place within a 14 days period from when it was being booked. And as we all know, last-minute travels like this usually cost more because you are basically trying to make a purchase on a scarce resource.

Getting cheap airline and hotel deals on a last-minute basis requires a lot of due diligence, some of which we’ll be breaking down in this post today.

So let’s dive right in!

How to Get Cheap Airlines and Hotels Last Minute in Festival Seasons

The best ways on how to get cheap airlines and hotels last minute in festival seasons include:

  1. Save for emergency
  2. Keep an eye out for special deals and discounts
  3. Fly only on a budget
  4. Communicate with hotels and airlines directly
  5. Compare ticket prices for individual travelers
  6. Get the same day loan in the case of an emergency

These are further broken down thus:

#1: Save for Emergency


On second thought, would you rather spend on that little extra savings than keep it to serve you in the time of an emergency? Just think of it…

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average nationwide domestic airline itinerary fare in the United States in Q2 of 2021 was $299.93.

So, let’s say for instance that you’re able to save up just about $15 daily from your regular spending’s, well, in a week, that money will amount to roughly $105 in savings, and in a month – $420, which in turn is more than enough to cater for that your emergency travel expense.

Yes, it all started with that little $5 to $10 to $15, but adding all together could mean a major difference in catering for your emergency flight expenses and hotel accommodation fees.

#2: Keep an Eye Out for Special Deals and Discounts


You can also check airlines and hotel rentals for their own special deals and discounts to save costs on your next travel.

Once in a blue moon, airlines and hotels will email you or generally make a tweet about a deal that’ll be lasting for basically just a few days. So, it’s always best that you stay signed up to different airlines and hotels’ email newsletters, and stay connected with them via social media to stay up to date on these deals.

You can as well leverage on travel rewards credit cards to save costs when traveling at the last minute.

The way this works is that, for every journey you embark on, you get rewarded with points which when accumulated could prove really helpful in saving you on your emergency trips.

How to Get Cheap Airlines and Hotels Last Minute in Festival Seasons


#3: Fly Only on a Budget


Now, budget airlines aren’t necessarily a flop to your reputation. In fact, they can prove really helpful, especially on last-minute journeys.

Frontier Airlines, Spirit, and Allegiant Airlines are some pretty good choices of airlines within the United States to go for when traveling last minute on a budget.

Also, when flying on a budget, it’s always best to understand what and what your travel ticket entails prior to your booking. Most airlines will only let you to carry along a backpack-sized personal item on your journey for free; otherwise, you will need to pay some extra fees for your travel luggage.

And finally, you are most likely to be charged extra on your airline itinerary fee if you want to choose to specific seat to sit on for your journey.

#4: Communicate with Hotels and Airlines Directly


For a more personalized experience on your journey or hotel stay, it’s always best to communicate with your Airline Company or hotel directly. But also keep in mind that if you go to an airport without a ticket, you might leave it without a flight. Still, if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to get on board a flight last minute, but that’s only if a passenger or several passengers decide to cancel last minute.

But all this is just a gamble!

Rather than going to the airport without a travel ticket, you can always from your home, communicate with your airline directly, or head over to the airport prior to your booking to see the best options that are currently available for you.

For emergency and last-minute journeys like a burial, you might be able to get a special rate on your travel expense.

Bereavement flights come with discount tickets for only travelers who have experienced a death in their family.

Tickets like these cannot be booked online, rather, you will have to call your airline directly and give them your information and relevant details relating to the person that just passed away, as well as his or her funeral arrangements.

#5: Compare Ticket Prices for Individual Travelers


This tip will prove really helpful, especially when you’re trying to save on last-minute trips for two or more accompanying passengers.

Not all economy class tickets cost the same. Thus, the price of your travel ticket may vary depending on a variety of factors.

That being said, to get a cheaper price on your last-minute trip, always check and confirm ticket prices for any other accompanying individual traveler with you.

#6: Get the Same Day Loan in the Case of an Emergency


Now that we have explained how to get cheap airlines and hotels last minute in festival seasons, you might still be worried about how to cover your remaining expenses for your emergency journey.

Yes, traveling is already a very daunting process, and getting the necessary funds for your trip should be made really easy.

Thus, always consider getting a payday loan with no credit check for all your emergency travels. This is because, they come in the form of a personal loan that anyone can get within just 24 hours of application, with no collateral needed whatsoever.


A payday loan is simply a bad credit loan – meaning that, it is a cash advance alternative that can be gotten even with a very bad credit score.

This is a really good option when traveling on a last minute because, if you try to consider all other traditional options and how daunting their various processes are, you might just end up missing out on your journey.

Proper planning and research will only get you far, but when it comes down to actually paying for your trip, a payday loan with no credit check seems like the only very feasible option for you.

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