Struggling with Rent?

By: Branden S.

Struggling with Rent

By failing to pay your rent when due, you give your homeowner the right to issue a 7-days prior eviction notice against you from his property. Now, this can be pretty disturbing, especially when there is no hope of funds from anywhere to pay off the rent.

Nobody should have to go through the discomfort that comes with an eviction notice; this can be really traumatizing, including the homeowner (or landlord) who is just trying to look out for his best interest. Landlords and homeowners are humans too – they have needs to take care of, and you (the tenant) who cannot pay your rent when due makes it difficult for them to achieve that.

But one thing most homeowners will not understand is the many efforts that you’re actually putting into paying up your rent. They do not see the endless work hours you keep dedicating your time to daily to ensure that you get things going on your end. But maybe they do; still, you need to understand that “business is business”. An average business person will never jeopardize his profit-making source for his personal interests.

When dealing with a shrewd business person, pity is not really an option; your best alternative here is to look for other feasible ways to pay up your rent so as to keep you from getting evicted from your landlord (or homeowner).

Now, there are so many alternatives that you can actually run to for funding, but one thing you should consider here’s:

  • Which is the fastest?
  • Most reliable?
  • And user-friendly?

I mean, you can decide to run to a traditional bank where you’d be requested to provide a form of security (collateral) for your funding request, which in turn puts you at a much greater loss than usual. Also, let’s say you’re given the 7-day prior eviction notice – are you willing to wait up to a month to get all the funds you need to pay for your rent? Are you ready to have your homeowner leave your household belongings on the sidewalk? Thus leaving you with no place to rest your head; this should never happen to anybody.

Rent Financing with InstantPaydayNV


No one should ever be denied funds whenever they need them, which is why we at InstantPaydayNV have made it possible for anyone with issues paying up their rent to have access to as many funds that they need for their settlement.

Our short-term funding is guaranteed to leave you with smiles on your face!

Speaking of reliability, we literally help you to build up confidence when meeting with your homeowner with the guarantee of paying back your rent. In fact, you are sure of getting all the funds you need to pay back your rent as soon as the next day.

We are considered the best and fastest means of funding today, and we’ll never bore you with long, tasty, and totally unnecessary loan application processes.

Our short-term funding is the most flexible, ensuring that you don’t have to sleep a day in the great outdoors due to failure to pay back your rent.

Our rent financing options can be accessed with either a mobile device or laptop (PC) and at the comfort of your home, meaning that you don’t need to go and start queuing up in long lines just to be able to raise all the necessary funds to pay your rent.

Rent Financing with InstantPaydayNV

How to Finance Your Household Rent with Short-Term Funding?

InstantPaydayNV rent financing services do not and will never require you to provide any form of collateral as security to qualify for your funding offer. We are well aware of your current financial condition and won’t want to put you in a worse predicament than you already are.

That being said, our basic requirements for rent financing with InstantPaydayNV includes the following:

  • Applicants must be rated 18 years old and above
  • Applicants must currently be residing in the United States
  • Applicants must be able to show proof of their exact place of residence within the United States
  • Applicants must submit all the necessary relevant details that relate to their loan offer; this includes but is not limited to – your full name, funding amount, active bank checking account.
  • Applicants must also be able to show their proof of employment. This is what our lenders will use to certify whether or not you can pay back on the funding offer when it’s due.
  • Applicants must submit valid details that’d make it easy for us to reach out to them when necessary.

By complying with all of the above requirements, you are entitled to as many funds as you need, even while on the go.

Your rent financing process starts with you filling out an application form on our website, which usually takes nothing less than five (5) minutes to complete. Suppose your application request goes through, and you qualify for funding based on the above-listed requirements. In that case, you will be immediately matched with an online direct payday loan lender that best suits your funding requirement.

Once this is complete and you verify all the terms of the funding agreement, your funds will be disbursed straight to your already provided bank checking account as soon as a day.

Our rent financing options are so flexible, giving you the freedom to pay back on your funding offer either by part or as full payment. The offer is usually tied to your current paycheck, meaning that whatever funds you take up in advance financing reflects in your loan terms to be paid back on your next payday – this is usually for a period of 30 days or some times less (14 days).


Dealing with a troubling landlord is an impossible task and is definitely something that I won’t wish on anyone; it gets worse when legal practitioners are involved.

The solution is here for your to leverage, and whether you like to admit it, it might just be the only best alternative for you. Here at InstantPaydayNV, we believe that irrespective of your current financial condition or credit rating, no one should ever have to be denied funding when they need it. So do the right thing today, and get yourself out of debt the right way!

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