What to Do When You Need Extra Cash On Your Dream Wedding

By: Branden S.

What to Do When you Need Extra Cash On Your Dream Wedding

Love is a really beautiful thing, and the fact that you’ve seen the right person that you’ve planned to spend the rest of your life with even makes it more worth it. With love comes marriage and the need to raise a family, but this can be pretty discouraging, especially when your monthly payday doesn’t go to support it.

Whether big or small, we all want a wedding that’s definitely worth remembering, with guests from all over the world coming to share with the experience, lovely pictures to be taken, and the beautiful bride – all dressed in white like an angel that she is, I think all these is definitely worth sacrificing every penny that we have, right?

It’s memories like these that never fade!

You don’t have to earn 6-figures to host the kind of wedding you solely-necessarily deserve. In fact, the average cost to host a wedding in the United States ranges between $29,000 to $31,000, meaning that an average United States resident can definitely afford this.

But still, do you have to wait a whole year to gather all the necessary funds from your annual salary to finance your wedding? Are you even sure that your beautiful bride is willing to wait that long? And even though she’s willing to wait that long, are you willing to sacrifice that amount of time not having a bunch of “mini-you’s” running around the house, calling you daddy? I bet you can’t!

Now I’m not trying to frustrate you from getting married in any way; I’m just trying to propose a more reasonable solution to avoid all the financial loopholes when planning your marriage.

What Should I Do When I Need Extra Cash for My Dream Wedding?

What is your dream wedding like?

A colorful fixture with warm music playing in the background; you graze the occasion with your beautifully designed Versace Tuxedos. Now, how much do you think all these will cost you? What is your total budget for everything? Is it something that’s what shedding a tear for?

Hosting a wedding ceremony on a budget is not something that should keep you worried.

There are actually some really good cash advance alternatives for you to leverage to help finance your wedding ceremony – to give both you and your beautiful bride the best kind of event that is well deserved.

Now, I’m not trying to suggest a “debt trap”; the aim here is to leave you with enough cash in hand to keep you going even till after the wedding ceremony. We are simply suggesting a solution that works both ways – one that will be convenient for you in terms of settlement terms and one where the lender benefits from making a couple in love really happy for a beautifully celebrated wedding.

A payday loan works both ways, as discussed, and might just be the best alternative when it comes to raising the necessary capital to fund your wedding.

How to Use Short-Term Loans to Finance Your Wedding?

How to Use Short-Term Loans to Finance Your Wedding?

Weddings are a delight to everyone, but the cost-effect is only usually felt by the couples involved. But this shouldn’t be the case; you should be able to have the wedding of your dream without even having to break the bank.

People usually get caught up with the definition of what a payday loan is and confuse it as the worst means to an end. Still, actually, it’s online payday loans like these that come to play as the very last alternative for funding when no one else has got your back.

The way online short-term loans work is that you are free to take up as much cash that you need to settle a pending expense and then pay back the debt on your next payday.

So, let’s say you plan on getting married this coming month. Still, after all your planning and budgeting, you find yourself lacking in up to $3,000 in funds that are needed to settle the caterers and decorators at your wedding; and yea, the month is just new, and you just received your paycheck for the last month. These were the same funds you included in the marriage preparation, which you still find yourself lacking in up to $3,000 of cash.

You can choose to meet with your family and friends, but who are we kidding here? They, too, will be in a chase for money in preparation for your wedding, so rather than running helter-skelter in search of cash, why not just leverage on the already available options in terms of funding for you?

You can decide to fill up our loan request form here at InstantPaydayNV and have all the funds you need to be delivered to you as soon as a day. Our online application process takes no less than five (5) minutes to complete, making it really easy for you to get all the cash you need and when you need it.

The basic requirements for applying for this kind of funding are:

  1. You must have reached 18 years and above.
  2. You must be currently residing in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  3. Your current home address to verify your current location.
  4. Your valid contact details that’d make it easy for your online payday loan direct lender to reach out to you when necessary.
  5. Proof of employment
  6. Details to a bank checking account where your funds will be credited.

Upon submitting the above-listed details, you’ll be immediately matched with the most appropriate online payday loan direct lender that best suits your lending purpose. After which, you can be sure of getting all your requested funds credited to your bank account as soon as 24 hours from the time of your application.


The key component that influences your ability to get all the necessary funds to finance your wedding is proof of employment. This is because online payday loan direct lenders want to ensure that something is currently in place that makes it possible for you to pay back on the loan offer when it’s due.

So now that you have all the funds you planned out for, it’s time to go and make your wedding a blast!

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