5 Best Ways to Plan if You Can’t Afford Christmas (with InstantPaydayNV)

By: Branden S.

5 Best Ways to Plan if You Can’t Afford Christmas

Would you rather stay at home, all alone this holiday season, just because you don’t have the necessary funds to cater for your purchase expenses?

Yes, the holiday season can be a really daunting time, most especially when you’re struggling financially.

That being said… Below are the five (5) best ways to plan if you can’t afford Christmas with InstantPaydayNV:

  1. Preparation and budgeting
  2. Find cheap gift ideas
  3. Save on wrapping
  4. Take out a low bad credit loan
  5. Go all out in earning some extra money for yourself

Utilizing the above set out plans will guarantee you the very best of experience this Christmas season, so, let’s dive right in.

How to Enjoy Your Christmas on a Budget

Rather than building walls for yourself this Christmas season, build bridges; Because, no matter how tight a situation might be, there’s always a way out.

The above-stated ways will help you get the best of your Christmas holiday, this season, even when on a budget. These can be broken down thus:

#1: Preparation and Budgeting

It all starts with you being realistic…

You have to first come to terms with yourself that buying anything more than what you initially budgeted for this holiday will be a challenge; this will help you to plan accordingly.

Preparation will only get you far, but a properly set out budget will help you keep your priorities in check, helping to know “when to spend”, “how to spend”, and “how much to spend”.

Budgeting starts by first figuring out how much you know that you can actually afford to spend on your Christmas shopping – without having to get yourself into any further financial trouble.

#2: Find Cheap Gift Ideas

No matter how you want to call it, “a gift is a gift”… So long as it’s something you give out from your heart, voluntarily, without expecting anything in return, it counts for you to the recipient as a gift.

That being said, a gift shouldn’t necessarily be bought from a store. There are so many other great gift ideas that won’t cost you much to get.

A gift idea could be either in the form of a homemade gift, a skill, or a service-based gift.

Yes, a really nicely knitted crotchet bag, vest, or even beanie can count for you as a gift this holiday season, which would, in turn, be saving you hundreds of dollars on your total Christmas expenses.

Or maybe you have a technical skill… You can actually offer it as a gift – to help someone with his or her car repair, electrical, or HVAC problems. You could even offer free coaching services to your little nephews and nieces in a way to compensate for not getting them a gift.

The world as we know it is going all-digital, and educating the little ones now on new skills they can obtain can prove a more profitable gift for them both now, and in the nearest future to come.

How to Enjoy Your Christmas on a Budget

#3: Save on Wrapping

Gift wrapping can also add a lot to your Christmas expenses, especially when you’ve decided to get gifts for friends, family, and other relatives.

The best way to save money on your Christmas gift wrapping is by being creative!

Here are some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas:

  • Fabric for wrapping
  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Newspaper (specifically the comic section)
  • 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
  • Doubled or triple wrapped tissue paper
  • Old maps

You can as well choose to make your very own reusable gift bags. This can be sewn using fabric(s) from your own stash, or just cutting from old clothes that you longer wear anymore.

And as discussed earlier, if you’re really good at knitting, you can as well choose to knit yourself a good bag that you can use to wrap your Christmas gifts.

#4: Take out a Low Bad Credit Loan

It won’t be a bad idea at all to take up a payday loan to assist with your Christmas purchases this holiday season.

A payday loan with no credit check is definitely the best option for you when having Christmas on a budget – with this, you can basically get a same-day loan with no collateral!

The best part?

The application process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete, and getting a personal loan with us at InstantPaydayNV, your satisfaction is our major concern. There are also no hidden charges attached to all our loan offers, which makes it a pretty clear process for you when dealing with your loan settlement.

And yea… You don’t have to worry about how low your current credit score or rating is; In fact, here at InstantPaydayNV, we help to report good performing customers to credit regulatory organizations, which in turn will help to improve your credit rating.

But still, you have to take note of point #1 and be realistic about all your spending for the holiday. This will help you know exactly how much payday loan you should take that best suits your current budget.

#5: Go All Out in Earning Some Extra Money for Yourself

Rather than just offering coaching services as a form of a gift idea to your little nephew and nieces, you can as well choose to offer it as a paid service to other random people as a way to raise up funds to finance your Christmas expenses this holiday season.

You can also choose to take up other seasonal retail jobs, babysitting gigs, and others in a way to raise extra money this holiday season.

And finally, as a way to raise extra money for yourself, you can find things in your household that you are no longer using, that you can sell off for extra money this holiday season.


One of the best ways to plan if you can’t afford Christmas with InstantPaydayNV is to actually come clean with your friends and family members. Let them know of how things are currently with you financially, and how you’ll need to limit the gifts that you’ll have to give them.

This will not only have them not feeling disappointed should in case they don’t receive a gift from you, but it’ll also help them to caution their spending’s when they’re around you.

But if you’re the shy type that doesn’t want anyone to know the current state of your finances, a personal loan won’t necessarily be a bad idea for you to leverage on in having this year’s Christmas on a budget.

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