Consent for Digital Signatures, Disclosures, Records, and Communication

We advise you to read and understand the related information hereinbefore submitting your personal data on our website or before getting into an electronic agreement.

By giving us your consent while submitting your personal information with the website through the online form, you agree that you have read, acknowledged, and understood this notice. You agree that you understand how the transactions are conducted and how you can communicate electronically, use our services to request to match you to a lender, and how to cooperate with the lender.

After you are matched with the lender, you are expected to provide your electronic/ digital signature as a sign of consent (if you agree to the terms). You will have to give your e-consent to use your e-signatures while accepting the electronic recordings, e-communications, and disclosures so that you can be provided with the services and products you have expressed interest in.

Hard Copies

You can send a request for a printed copy of the disclosures and legal notices for free of cost. You should send this request directly to the lender providing you the loan. You are eligible to keep the hard copies of the legal documents as per the provisions of the law applicable.

Scope of Consent

Any communication including but not limited to online interactions through mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops, or computers are considered as electronic communication. E-consent comes into force when e-communication (including all the means stated above) takes place between you and the third-party moneylender. The admission of e-consent automatically implies that your information can be collected and processed electronically. The transactions may be performed electronically, and the documents can also be signed, stored, and processed electronically. The lender may also send you notifications, disclosures, reports, etc. online along with links to third party websites, links to other lender’s websites and services that can be obtained online.

When you give your e-consent, you confirm and agree that the above-mentioned e-communication is deemed the same as the communication taking place through hard copy documents and is of equal legal value.

NB: When conducting business online (electronically) it is implied that the involved parties have access to the required hardware and software facilities to successfully complete the process. It is advised that you ensure that the devices you are using for the transaction fit the requirements for the same. Find below the basic hardware and software requirements.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • PC (Personal computer) or MAC or any other device that can access the internet and allows you to log in to your email account or open the web browser.
  • Internet Browser should support 128-bit encryption (Example: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox).
  • PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader X or Foxit.

Different transactions may require different facilities. Contact the lender and get the specifications.

Withdrawing Consent

Because the e-consent you provide us to match and process your information is a one-time transaction, you cannot withdraw your e-consent once given. When you are matched with a third-party lender, you have the right to withdraw your consent from this particular lender at any given point in time for absolutely no charges. You can send a request regarding the same. You should understand that withdrawing your e-consent would prevent the respective lender from providing you with a loan. However, the legal effectiveness, enforceability, and validity of prior electronic disclosures will not be affected when you withdraw the e-consent.

In case there is a change in your personal information such as your email address or your mailing address, you should contact the lender and inform them of the same as soon as possible to avoid miscommunication.

To know more about these procedures, contact the lender directly.