How to Deal with Lapses in Auto Insurance Coverage in 2021

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How to Deal with Lapses in Auto Insurance Coverage in 2021

This is the most comprehensive guide to dealing with lapses in your auto insurance coverage in 2021.

In this new guide you’ll learn:



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What Does it Mean to have a Lapse in an Auto Insurance Coverage?

Having a lapse in your auto insurance coverage simply means that for a certain time frame, your registered vehicle does not have a legal minimum insurance covering it.

This can be as a result of either a cancellation in your insurance premium payments, or by not choosing to renew your insurance policy.

It could also be as a result of getting rejected by your insurance company after sustaining lots of accidents or fines on your vehicle.

Having a lapse on your car insurance payment is one of the worst things that can ever happen to you in the sense that, you could see yourself getting penalized to pay more on the insurance coverage, whether or not the lapse was on purpose or not.

Driving without car insurance may also attract fines, tickets, get your license suspended, and even worst – get you arrested.

This is because in most states in the United States, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without having it covered with insurance.

How long can I Go without an Auto Insurance Coverage?

Depending on your current location and insurance provider, you are likely to get a 10 to 20 days period of grace after your coverage has elapsed to renew itbefore your insurer cancels it.

So, unless you reside in states within the country that do not require insurance for automobiles by law, you should never drive a vehicle without an insurance coverage on it.

While short lapses and the period of grace may seem like an alternative here, but you should understand that you may have to pay more when having to renew the insurance coverage. And it gets worst when you fail to renew the coverage – this is because it would be more difficult and expensive for you to get a new coverage.

An auto insurance grace period is a short period of time given to the insured as a final notice to avoid a lapse in their coverage.

How to Deal with Lapses in Auto Insurance Coverage

How Much Does a Lapse in an Auto Insurance Coverage Cost?

Auto insurance lapses fines vary by one’s state of residence.

For example in Alberta, the fine attached with driving an uninsured vehicle ranges from $2,875 up to $11,500 – and it gets pretty much expensive in the event of an accident.

In places like Las Vegas, Nevada, drivers are required to follow the minimum coverage limit per vehicle owned.

For a first offense auto insurance lapse in Las Vegas, Nevada, the car owner will be required to pay a fee of $250 for a 31 to 90 days lapse, and $500, for a 91 to 180 days lapse… Any additional day more than this attracts a fine of $1,000.

The car owner will also be required to submit his or her driver’s license until they can provide a proof of insurance on the vehicle.

A second offense auto insurance lapse in Las Vegas, Nevada attracts a fine of $500 on a 31 to 180 days lapse, and $1000 if the lapse exceeds 181 days.

And finally, a third offense auto insurance lapse in Las Vegas, Nevada attracts a fine of $500 on a 90 days lapse, $750 if it exceeds 90 days, down to 180 days, and $1000 if it exceeds 180 days.

Best Alternatives to Dealing with Auto Insurance Lapses

The number of expenses that comes as a result of a single lapse in an auto insurance payment can be really frustrating, that’s why the best solution is NEVER TO HAVE ONE!

Now, there are so many ways which you can use to avoid a lapse in your auto insurance payments such as:

* Driving safe

* Taking up insurance rates which you know that you can successfully maintain

* Etc

But the best way to actually avoid a lapse in your auto insurance payment is by paying for your insurance policy on time.

But sometimes cash can be really tight to get – and that’s where a payday loan Nevada comes in really handy.

Guaranteed payday loans like InstantPaydayNV can provide you with the money you need to fund your auto insurance coverage, so there won’t be any lag in payments when due.

This will also help you from attracting any more of the outrageous fines that comes with an auto insurance lapse.


Auto insurance was created to protect everyday car users from bills which they may sustain as a result of an accident, theft, and more. This is good, but as to every good thing, it has it’s bad side.

Short term loans Nevada are always available to help fund your auto insurance coverage whenever you need it – and you don’t even have to worry about incurring any more debt that you can deal with as this is an unsecured loan.

This means you don’t have to provide any form of collateral or whatsoever to get funded.

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