7 Ways to Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day

By: Branden S.

7 Ways to Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day

The seven (7) ways to thank a veteran on Veterans Day include:

  1. Observe a two (2) minutes silence
  2. Make a donation
  3. Fly a flag correctly
  4. Send out salutations to veterans
  5. Show up
  6. Ask a veteran about stories of their life
  7. Visit a Veteran Affairs (VA) hospital

Everyone who paid a sacrifice to keep life going definitely deserves to be celebrated. At least keeping a memory of them gives hope to upcoming patriots.

In due faith, military veterans deserve to be celebrated for the risk they take for the safety of mankind.

Who is a Veteran?

A Veteran is a person who has served in the United States Armed Forces for a period of time and was discharged, either under retirement or under some other honorable conditions.

For a person to be called a veteran, he or she must:

Have fully worked in any sector of the United States armed forces

Have no record of unruly behavior worthy of discharge

Have shown core loyalty to the government during service tenure

What is Veterans Day?

In a bid to celebrate and show appreciation to Veterans, a day was kept aside especially for them.

Veterans Day is a federal holiday held throughout the United States every November 11, and although the holiday was first officially celebrated in 1971, the holiday was initially a proceed from several acts starting from November 11, 1919, when the then president of the United States (Woodrow Wilson) issued a message to his countrymen as he expressed pathetic concerns bordering around what happened during the world war and those who sacrificed their lives for their just earned victory.

7 Ways to Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is not a day for just mere leisure and merriment, it is a day to show your appreciation to veterans and those lost in the memory of the past.

Below are 7 ways to thank a veteran on Veterans Day:

#1: Observe a Two (2) Minutes Silence

Observing some minutes of silence is an attitude of memorial that did not just start today. It has been a sign of respect for heroes since 1912.

This involves halting whatever you are doing and being quiet for a given period of time. The veterans deserve even more than this, which is why on every Veterans Day, a two minutes silence is recommended to be observed at 2:11 pm.

#2: Make a Donation

Prior to Veterans Day, a good number of charity organizations that render help to military officers usually campaign for donations from willing individuals.

The gathered funds are then given to retired veterans or the families of late veterans.

You can make your donations or meet up with any veteran family in your neighborhood and offer as much as you can. This will foster hope for the needy ones and encourage to-be military officers.

And just in case you don’t have the funds available at the moment to make your donation, you can always leverage payday loans alternatives to get the funds you need, then pay back on your next payday.

This is definitely a note-worthy sacrifice to make for the ones that once sacrificed their lives for yours.

#3: Fly a Flag Correctly

A formal way to appreciate both the United States government and past and present veterans in the country is to hold up the United States flag on any national memorial day.

On Veterans Day, try holding up a flag in the correct manner as that will go a long way to show how much you love them.

Ways to Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day

#4: Send Out Salutations to Veterans

Saying simple words like – “thank you for serving our country” or “we’re happy to have people like you” to veterans can go a long way to show your gratitude for their service.

As you walk past the streets on Veterans Day, be sure to say nice words to veterans if you see any. You can also send them appealing messages if you know any.

#5: Show Up

Time is a very important factor in life, so giving someone your time and presence matters a lot. That’s to say, visiting a veteran on Veterans Day may even mean more than cash to him or her.

Take out some time, visit any veteran you know, spend time with them and make them feel special. Don’t forget to share lovely conversations with them and their families before leaving.

#6: Ask a Veteran about Stories of their Life

One common thing that many military officers love doing is telling people about their past experience in the field. Over the years, this has proven to incur some stages of emotional relief and upliftment.

So, when next you celebrate a veteran, be sure to ask him or her about their experience; either via a video call or a physical meet-up. And after hearing their sad stories, make sure to feel sad and console them if needed.

#7: Visit a Veteran Affairs (VA) Hospital

A Veteran Affairs (VA) Hospital is a hospital where medical care is given to wounded veterans.

It would be so cool of you to hop in anytime on a visit, but due to certain restrictions, you may not be allowed access.

But, Veterans Day is the best opportunity for this.

On Veterans Day, some VAs occasionally allows civilians access to visit. So, take this as an opportunity to visit them, pray for them and leave with them a memory of how kind you are.

Be Warned!

In the military, there exist certain laws which if violated may incur penalties, so in your dealings with veterans, make sure you don’t offend any of them.

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