Various Alternatives to Pay Struggle Free Rent or Mortgage Payments

By: Branden S.

To Pay Struggle Free Rent or Mortgage Payments

The fact that your rent or mortgage payments are suspended temporarily doesn’t mean that it has suddenly gone away. No rent or mortgage program that suspends your payment plan for some time will totally eliminate the need to cover all payments at a later time.

These programs are just there to help loosen the timeline for when your payments should be made.

Every homeowner deserves to know the best way to pay his or her rent or mortgages, and today, I’m going to share with you various alternatives to pay struggle-free rent or mortgage payments.

Reasons Why Households Can’t Pay for Rent or Mortgage?

If you’re stuck with thoughts as to how to come up with your rent or mortgage, you’re not alone. Stats by a global advisory firm, Stout Risius Ross show that 34 million Americans may just be at risk of eviction.

Households may be at risk of eviction for failure to pay on rent or mortgage, and one of the major reasons for this can be seen in economic environmental factors.

Ever since the economic fallout of the Covid-19, 54% of households experienced job loss. Close half of these households work full-time, while a rough 30% of them work as part-time workers or self-employed individuals.

Thus, about 50 million renter households are likely experiencing a job or income loss, and with the job market not likely to recover soon, more household rent and mortgage payment problems seem unavoidable.

But we aren’t at fault here… are we?

Are we the cause of the entire economic crisis that the world is currently facing? Where were we the ones that invented the Covid-19 virus in the first place? NO!!!

Why are we then the major ones affected by all these? And is there a way out for us household owners?

Best Alternatives to Pay Struggle Free Rent or Mortgage Payments

The following are the best alternatives to pay struggle free rent or mortgage payments:

  1. Communicate with your landlord
  2. Take up payday options
  3. Adopt federal programs
  4. Get a roommate or lodger
  5. Consider placing your apartment on Airbnb

This can be further broken down thus:

#1: Communicate with Your Landlord

Communication is very important in every relationship.

Try and get your landlord to understand your current financial status, and give him reasonable reasons why he should let you stay longer until you’re able to get your bearing back.

#2: Take Up Payday Options

Getting a payday loan can be really effective to pay for your house rent or mortgage.

There are as many post-rent requests that your landlord can actually listen to and actually grant, so to avoid always having to go to your landlord pleading for an extension of your rent or mortgage payment, you can simply get all these settled in no time using a payday loan.

Your landlord will even appreciate you more if you go to him monthly with part payment of your rent or mortgage, rather than going all empty-handed every time.

Plus, payday loans do not require a collateral or credit check to secure – you can simply apply for a payday loan as easy as today for your rent or mortgage, and get your funds disbursed to your account as soon as today.

Alternatives to pay struggle free rent

#3: Adopt Federal Programs

You also have the option of adopting federal programs that help household owners, preventing you from facing foreclosure or eviction.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) along with the Federal Housing Finance Agency has a directive for mortgage servicers to halt all new foreclosure actions and suspend any eviction act in progress. This program applies to single-family homeowners that aren’t able to pay their mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration.

Plus, the government offers a year-long payment holiday for household owners that lost their jobs from Covid-19, preventing them from getting a foreclosure or being evicted.

You can also check if you’re entitled to rent or mortgage benefits, all these go a really long way in ensuring that you don’t get evicted on failure to pay your rent or mortgage.

#4: Get a Roommate or Lodger

You can also choose to get someone to share your rent or mortgage payment with – and it gets better if you’ve got a spare room(s) in your apartment.

Apart from sharing on mortgage or rent payments, your lodger can also assist in monthly bill payments, so, it’s a win-win situation!

#5: Consider Placing your Apartment on Airbnb

Airbnb is getting really big in the United States.

It’s a platform that lets you easily find someone to share your space with, and earn from it.

This works best for people who really love their apartment and just aren’t ready to let it go, even with the failure to pay for its rent or mortgage. You can simply move to a much smaller home or apartment with cheaper rent, just for a short period of time, and place your main apartment on an Airbnb – and with the capital you raise from that, you can settle your rent or mortgage for that apartment.


It’s always important to keep up good communication with your landlord even with late payment of rent or mortgage.

The above-listed alternatives go a really long way in ensuring that you don’t get evicted on failure to pay your rent or mortgage, but still, do ensure to settle all necessary payments when the funds are made available to avoid further inconvenience, and payday loans, as described earlier can serve as the best means to raise up the needed cash to cater for your rent or mortgage.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

Which of the above alternatives to paying struggle-free rent or mortgage payments are you going to try next?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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